Welcome to Northwind
We are the Windbourne Highlanders

Carried aloft upon the Winds of Battle, we drift through the Inner Sphere. Wandering masterless and homeless, stricken by the memories of what was. Our forefathers were forced to witness the death and destruction of all they held dear. Left behind by their fellow Star League soldiers, driven from the world they called home. Hounded at every turn by the so-called Lords of Succession.

Now we have been forced to live in exile, and this Mercenary lifestyle. Fighting in the pay of one power or another. Earning enough money to keep ourselves and our families whole. Struggling to retain our independence. Yet even here we retain our honour and serve only the noblest of causes. Fight only on the side of the righteous. Stand only against the oppressors. We strive to live by the ideals and virtues of our forebears. Hoping against hope that someday the Winds of Battle shall carry us back to the home we cannot name once more.

We are the Windbourne Highlanders.

The Winds shall carry us home.